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How to Make Bird Toys

No one knows what your bird likes more than you, so why not personalize his toys with his favorite colors, textures, and materials? Making your own bird toys can be beneficial because you know what your bird likes best, so you can be assured that the toys will not go to waste. You can pick and choose your bird's favorite textures, colors, and materials, and you can be confident that your bird will love them.

Another advantage to making your own bird toys is that you know exactly what the toys are made of and there are no hidden surprises. You can be assured that your bird's toys are safe and made of harmless materials.

Building your own toys allows variety and creativity. You can buy different toy parts, including colorful rings, blocks and vine balls. We offer toy parts in various sizes and textures so that making your own toys is easy and fun! Another option is to find materials around the house that your bird enjoys. Be creative and thrifty by stringing your bird's favorite items together. Popsicle sticks, wooden spools, paper, and molted feathers are all easily accessible household items that most birds enjoy.

Creating your own custom toys can be fun for you and your bird! Of course, if craft projects aren't your thing, you can always surprise your feathered friend with a new foraging toy such as the Foraging Basket. It's easy to make this toy a one of a kind by hiding some of your birdies favorite treats inside!

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