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Bird Toy Types

There are numerous bird toys available today, and choosing between them can be overwhelming. Being familiar with the different toy categories can help make your decision-making process a lot easier! Here is a summary of toy categories that we hope will help you distinguish between toy types.


Piñatas provide a fun activity for a child's birthday party, but they are a lot of fun for your bird too! Piñatas are made of bird-safe materials, and they often come in bright colors and various textures to entice your bird. In addition, piñatas are often hollow, allowing you to stuff your bird's favorite treats inside. This encourages foraging and provides hours of chewing, shredding, and fun!

Problem Solving or Foraging Toys

Foraging toys, such as the Foraging Pouch, provide your bird with exercise and mental stimulation. Most foraging toys require bird to solve a problem—how to get at the treat. This often includes knots to untie, small compartments, or nuts and bolts. You can buy treat dispensers, such as the Foraging Wheel, that are made from tough polycarbonate and challenge birds to retrieve treats from different compartments. These dispensers allow you to keep refilling them with treats, providing hours of foraging fun.

Exercise Toys

Hanging toys, such as swings, allow birds to move around in their cage. The D Perch is gentle on tender talons, while still providing a lot of exercise opportunity. Other hanging toys, such as the Spiral Rope Swing Boing, encourage birds to climb and chew.

Playgyms allow your bird to play and exercise outside of his cage, and they allow for better interaction between you and your bird or multiple birds.

Foot toys are smaller toys that birds can pick up with their feet. They often lay on the bottom of cages. While foot toys may not seem like they provide much exercise, they provide essential feet and beak exercise. Foot dexterity and health is important for birds because they spend so much time on their feet.

Noisy Toys

Noisy toys provide entertainment through sound and appeal to a bird's instinct to communicate. Birds are natural communicators and noisy toys support social skills. Birds seem to love bells, such as the bells on the Wooden Apple toy, which provide hours of noisy fun.

Because birds are so intelligent, they need a variety of outlets for mental and physical stimulation. Provide your bird with a stimulation-rich environment, making sure he has a variety of toys that challenge his physical and mental abilities.

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