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Make Your Bird's Toys Last Longer

Is your bird going through toys faster than you can replace them? Bird Toys are made to be destroyed, but if your bird goes through toys excessively, you may want to think about taking steps to make his toys last longer.

Before you consider steps to make toys last longer, make sure that you are choosing the right size toys for your bird. Larger birds will easily destroy toys that are made for small birds, so buy accordingly.

Steps to Make Toys Last Longer

One great way to lengthen the use of bird toys is to rotate them regularly. Instead of throwing away toys that your bird might seem disinterested in, simply put the toy away and try again another day. When you rotate toys regularly, take the opportunity to replace any broken parts.

Instead of throwing away toys that are partially destroyed, you can replace the broken parts and give it to your bird on another day. Another option would be to take the good parts off the toy and place them in a bowl for your bird. This allows him the option to choose what he wants to play with or chew on. Lastly, you could take these extra parts and string them together to make a new toy.

Another tip to lengthen the life of your bird's toys is to keep them clean and safe. Check them regularly for loose strings or unraveling, cut off these parts, and make any needed repairs. This ensures that your bird won't hurt himself on the toy. You can also make toys last longer by keeping them clean. Checking toys regularly for poop helps you keep them sanitary and safe.

Finally, buy toys that are full of different components and features. Toys that require a lot of mental stimulation will take longer for your bird to figure out, and toys with different textured components will be destroyed at different rates. It's also beneficial to buy toys that you can keep refilling, like the Foraging Wheel Bird Toy. Your bird will spend hours trying to manipulate the wheel and retrieve his favorite treats; when the wheel is empty, simply refill it for more hours of fun and stimulation.

With a little creativity and time, you can save yourself a lot of money by making your bird's toys last longer!

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