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Wood Blocks

  • Bird chew toy that keeps birds satisfied
  • Place in cage and watch your bird chew
  • Bright, fun colors
  • Great for building bird toys
  • For medium and large parrots
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7 ct #40829-719 In Stock 0.65 lbs.
Don't let your feathered friend turn your wood table into his wood carving shop. Instead, satisfy your bird's need to chew with these colorful Wood Blocks for birds. Whether you build your own bird toys, or you're looking for something you can give your bird to chew on, these wood blocks work great as a safe wood for parrots to chew on. Made with natural pinewood and nontoxic dye, these bird toy wood blocks are ideal for medium and large parrots.
Color: Assorted colors

Size: 1"H x 1.50"W x 3.50"L

Material: Pinewood
Place in cage to satisfy your birds' need to chew.
Medium: Caiques, Small Cockatoos, Small Conures, Lories & Lorikeets, Large Parakeets, Meyers, Pionus Parrots, Quakers, Ringnecks, Senegals

Large: African Greys, Amazons, Large Cockatoos, Large Conures, Eclectus, Hawk Headed Parrots, Mini-Macaws, Macaws
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