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Dealing with a Stressed Bird

How do you react when you're stressed? Typically, stress doesn't bring out the best in people. Birds show their stress in a number of ways. They may start biting, feather picking, screaming, and losing their appetite. If a bird becomes over-stressed, he will likely be more susceptible to infection and disease.

Stress Factors

There are several factors for why a bird can become stressed out. They may be bored, lonely, or intimidated. Other factors include not receiving enough light or sleep, living in the wrong size cage, suffering from an infection, or living in a dirty cage.

A proper diet is crucial for a bird's health. Birds can become stressed if they are suffering from nutritional deficiencies or excesses, so it is crucial that your bird is receiving proper nutrition.

Changes in environment or schedule can be stressful for anyone. A lot of changes can easily stress a bird out, as well. These changes could be adding a new pet to your home, getting a new cage, or traveling. Another big change for your bird is adjusting to climate changes and the holidays. Make sure that you take the necessary steps to prepare your bird for winter and the holidays.

Events like an improper wing trimming or nail clipping can also be traumatic for birds and cause them stress. It's also important to realize that your bird can sense when you are stressed, and this may cause him to become stressed. Try to control your stress for your bird's and your own well-being.

How to Prevent Stress

To try and prevent your bird from becoming stressed, make sure he has plenty of toys to keep him busy. You should also ensure that your bird is receiving proper nutrition and enough exercise, mental stimulation, sleep, and light. Do your best to create a peaceful and safe environment for your bird, keep him on a consistent routine, and make sure that you spend enough quality time with him.

Even if your bird doesn't appear stressed, don't assume that he isn't. Birds are very good at hiding their weaknesses, so keep an eye on his behavior and habits. If your bird shows continuous signs of stress, take him to the avian veterinarian to check for possible malnutrition or disease.

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