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Preparing Your Bird for Parties

As the holiday season approaches, you may be excited to host festive get-togethers at your home. Whether family comes to visit for the week or you're having friends over for an evening, determining what to do with your birds is important. The noise and bustle of new faces can be unnerving and even frightening for birds who are unused to such commotion. Knowing your birds' personal quirks and preferences will help you decide how much social interaction they can handle, and following these steps will help your feathered friends feel at peace with visitors.

Bird's First Party

If an upcoming event will be your bird's first experience with a large group of people, try to ease him into it. A few weeks before your big group of guests arrives, have some of those faces stop by to meet your bird. Let him spend time with your group as you watch a movie or play games, and base your plans for future events off how your bird does with this interaction. If he gets tired or stressed, it is okay to put him back in his cage in a quiet room.

Polly Says Shhh!

Sometimes even the most social birds would prefer a little more privacy. Rather than leaving your bird out in his cage in a room full of people, move him to your bedroom or another quiet space. If people want to visit him, just bring a few new faces in at a time so he doesn't get overwhelmed. Birds are very sensitive and may be frightened by people who display negative emotions, so keep angry, stressed, or upset friends away from your birds.


Remind guests, whether children or adults, that birds are very delicate and need to be treated with respect. We know the intelligence of our favorite feathers, but friends who are unfamiliar with birds may need to learn how to behave around these unique pets. Show people what treats your bird is allowed to have (if any), how he likes to be petted, and what it looks like if he's preparing to bite. Developing mutual respect between people and birds goes a long way as they get to know one another.

Flying Solo

Perhaps after testing out these strategies, you decide it'd be best for birds and humans to stay in separate spaces. Be sure to play with your bird before guests arrive so he does not feel neglected or revert to bad behaviors like screaming and feather picking. Take him out for some one-on-one time earlier in the day: give him a bath, do some training, or show him affection. Get some new bird toys and favorite treats to occupy him in his cage; foraging toys are perfect for this!

You've got the house decorated, snacks prepared, and drinks ready: it's time to celebrate the past year! Just remember to plan ahead for your favorite feathers. Whether you decide to let him join the human party or shake his tail feather solo, when the guests go home, spend some quality time with your bird. Remind him how much you love his company and value his friendship – and maybe throw a couple special treats in there for good measure! These straightforward steps take the stress out of entertaining, leaving more time for fun for both fids and parronts

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