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Holiday Safety Tips for Birds

We all know how stressful the holidays can be. Although the holidays are supposed to be cheerful, the holidays introduce new hazards for your bird and can greatly increase his stress. It's important to realize the different hazards that the holidays can present. Here are a few tips to keep your bird safe during the holidays:

  1. Keep your bird away from Christmas trees and holiday decorations. Many Christmas trees are sprayed with chemicals, and many ornaments can contain heavy metals. In addition, many holiday plants (such as Mistletoe, Poinsettias, Holly, and Chrysanthemum) can be toxic. Additionally, ribbons, tinsel, and other small decorations can be easily swallowed and cause digestive issues.

  2. Keep your bird away from electric wires and Christmas tree lights that your bird might be tempted to chew on. Exposure to wires could cause burns or electrocution.

  3. Be aware of the dangers that cooking presents. Keep your bird in his cage while cooking to protect him from boiling water and cooking fumes. Heated nonstick pots and pans can release toxic vapors, so make sure that your bird isn't in the room while using these.

  4. Cleaning agents can be toxic for your bird because they can release powerful fumes. Bleach and carpet cleaners can cause illness or death in your bird. Be aware that potpourri, scented candles, and perfumes can be irritating for your bird.

  5. Do not offer holiday foods to your bird. Chocolate is toxic to birds, and sweets can easily upset his stomach. In addition, keep your bird's diet consistent because changing his diet can be stressful and harmful.

  6. Lastly, be aware that holiday stress can affect your bird. Make sure to keep his routine and diet as consistent as possible, and don't forget to spend some quality time with him. Numerous visitors and loud people can be stressful and intimidating, so you may have to relocate your bird before guests arrive. Be sensitive towards your bird's personality and take the steps necessary to reduce his stress.

We hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

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