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Full-Spectrum Lighting for Birds

Sunlight provides many benefits for human. It strengthens our immune systems, helps our skin synthesize vitamin D, and even improves our moods. But did you know that sunlight also benefits your bird?

Natural sunlight is crucial for a bird's overall health and the processes of molting, sleeping, and maintaining vitamin levels. Because our pet birds spend a majority of their time indoors, they don't receive the necessary amount of natural light that they need. Placing your bird by the window isn't enough because windows block most ultraviolent (UV) rays. If birds don't receive adequate sunlight, they may resort to bad behavior, such as feather picking.

Full-spectrum lighting is a great tool to use if sunlight is minimal or not available. Full-spectrum lighting emits the two important types of UV light that are beneficial for your bird, UVA and UVB. UVB is beneficial for your bird because it assists with vitamin D production, which helps him absorb calcium.

Benefits of Full-Spectrum Lighting

There are several benefits of using full-spectrum lighting, including helping prepare your bird for seasonal changes, strengthen your bird's immune system, simulate a bird's natural habitat, and maintain a constant temperature within your bird's cage.

Commercial full-spectrum lighting can mimic sunlight and provide birds with the benefits that only sunlight can. Full-spectrum lighting that produces UVB is great to use in the winter when the days are shorter. You can also use a timer to regulate the lighting schedule within your bird's cage. This helps keep your bird's schedule consistent and less stressful. Remember that darkness is still important for birds to receive sufficient sleep.

Ensuring that your bird receives adequate amounts of light is crucial for his happiness and well-being!

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