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The Necessity of Exercise for Birds

We all know that exercise is good for our health, even if we don't want to admit it. But did you know that activity and exercise is also necessary for your bird? Activity and exercise are necessary for birds to remain healthy and behave appropriately. Inactive birds quickly become bored and even obese. Similarly to people, inactive behavior in birds is dangerous and often leads to weakened muscles, decreased blood circulation and respiratory capacity, foot injuries and potentially deadly conditions such as heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and fatty liver syndrome.

You can help prevent inactivity and obesity by providing fun exercise options. Bring the playground home for your wild child with the help of play gyms, swings, and other toys that encourage exercise, activity, and fun! Remember that similar to humans, birds should start exercising at a slow pace. Gradually increase the length and intensity of his work out. If your bird is open-mouth breathing or can't catch his breath, you might be over-working him.

How Can I Make My Bird More Active?

Did you know that one way to control your bird's weight and inactivity is to establish a regular exercise program? Before you start an exercise program, be sure to make an appointment with your veterinarian for a physical examination. Your doctor encourages regular check-ups, and so does your veterinarian, especially when making lifestyle changes. Your vet will give you guidelines for where to start, how much your bird can handle, and what dietary changes will be necessary.

When starting a regular exercise program, wing-flapping is a good activity to begin with. Have your bird perch on your arm and drop your arm so he flaps his wings. Climbing is another beneficial activity for birds. Place your bird on the floor and have him climb up a ladder or on a play gym. If possible, let your bird walk around the house outside of his cage.

Another great way to spur activity is to let your bird forage for food or a treat. Foraging encourages bird to become active and requires both mental and physical manipulation. If you really want to give your bird a challenge, choose interactive or foraging toys that will force him to use his mind and body.

Helping your feathered friend start a regular exercise program might just convince you to start exercising too! Maybe it could become a bonding experience between you and your bird. It's the best method towards long and healthy lives for you both!

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