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Benefits of Foot Toys for Birds

Not all toys need to be hung for your bird to enjoy them—sometimes those that lay on the bottom of the cage can be the most fun. Foot toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, plus they can be used in any way your bird wants!

Foot toys are smaller toys that birds can pick up with their feet. They often lay on the bottom of a cage. Birds often pick up the toy with one foot and chew on it with their beaks. Foot toys are more popular with medium-to-large-sized parrots that tend to hold objects with one foot. Smaller birds don't often use their feet to hold onto something.

While foot toys may not seem like they provide much exercise, they provide essential feet and beak exercise. They also improve leg strength, coordination and dexterity. Foot dexterity and health is important for birds because they spend so much time on their feet.

Foot toys are created for any playing style, so whether your bird likes to shred, chew, explore or manipulate his toys, there is a foot toy for him. Be creative and keep things interesting! Offer a rope with beads or blocks, plastic rings, rattles or balls stuffed with goodies. Place a bowl or basket with multiple foot toys at the bottom of your bird's cage or in a coop cup attached to the side of his cage—hours of entertainment and variety!

If your bird doesn't like going to the bottom of his cage, try putting the toys in a different location. Some birds prefer toys on top of a flat-top cage, as well as in a cup attached to the side of the cage.

We offer an assortment of foot toys to keep your feathered friend entertained. In addition to manufactured toys, there are do-it-yourself options like baby blocks or corn on the cob. You could also take the good parts off old toys and place them in a bowl for your bird. This makes an old toy seem like new and allows him the option to choose what he wants to play with or chew on.

Choose toys based on your bird's interests—with a little imagination, it's not hard to find toys your bird will enjoy!

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