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Penny's Holiday Wish List

Penny's taking over our articles today! She's got some strong opinions on what birds like best, and her passion for healthy buddies can't be beat. If you like hearing from Penny here, follow her on Twitter – she's always in charge over there! Now, introducing Penny!

- The Great Companions Educational Team

What's up my birdie buddies! Coax your minions humans away from the computer – this info is for avian eyes only. I'm gonna share my super-secret holiday wish list with you, along with a couple pointers for talking your person into grabbing you the best gifts. Hang on to your tail feathers – this is gonna be fun!

  1. You know I'm a rather particular parrot – I won't chow down on just anything! But I love Premier Healthy Harvest. It's a blend of all my favorite treats, from banana chips to papaya, pineapple, and pine nuts - and lots more healthy bites besides! Tip: print off a picture of Healthy Harvest and put it on your parront's pillow; one glimpse of that tantalizing mix will have them drooling all over!

  2. Give me almonds and papayas, and you'll have yourself a happy parrot! These tasty tidbits help me learn new tricks and bond with my parront, Roy. He loves these treats because they're high quality and virtually dust free, so he knows he's giving me the best stuff around. I like the fun foraging opportunity almonds provide, and I'm crazy about the sweet crunch of dried papaya.

  3. Who doesn't like to get a little messy sometimes? I know I'm guilty of this particular passion, and the Paper Party is an absolute ball! Peeling, shredding, and ripping: I love stringing homemade confetti all over my cage. I'm actually quite the interior decorator, if I do say so myself.

  4. And speaking of being artsy, the Cha-Cha toy really lets me express my creative side. I craft picture-perfect patterns and textures, shaping the luscious ropes and delicious wood exactly the way I want. If you like toys you can sink your beak into, the Cha-Cha is for you!

  5. Stay snug as a bug this winter with the Snuggle Up Bird Warmer™. Not only will it keep you cozy if your home is chilly or drafty – you'll feel relaxed and pampered, almost like having a spa day every day! Tip: Make sure to remind your parronts that your relatives hail from tropical locales; the summer sun's in your blood, so staying warm is of the utmost importance.

Well, feathered friends, it's been the real deal! If you receive any of these gifts, take a picture of yourself with it and tag Great Companions on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! They love doing photo give-aways, so stay tuned on social media for more info – you might win other goodies! I hope you enjoy these gift ideas as much as I do.

Remember to remind your parronts that even though humans unwind a little at the holidays, us birds need to stick to our routines. Healthy, bird-safe foods and treats, adequate exercise, and plenty of sleep are very important for us. Check out Holiday Safety Tips for Birds and Preparing Your Bird for Parties for more info on how to keep us happy and healthy through the holiday season. Wishing you a super special New Year – from our flock to yours!

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