Penny's 2016 Holiday Wish List

Hello hello all of my BBBs (Best Bird Buds)! Have you looked at the calendar lately? Yeah, that's right, the holidays are quickly approaching and that means… PRESENTS! Did you hear me!?!? I'm talking about new toys, treats, more toys and oh, did I mention TOYS! I love toys (what bird doesn't!) We all know that every fid wants toys for Christmas, so I thought I'd share with you some of my very favorites so you can start dropping some hints for your humans so they get you the good stuff this year. Ok, hold onto your feathers… here we go!

  1. I can hardly contain my excitement telling you about this first toy, the Rolie Polie! Let me tell you… It. Is. Awesome! My people hide almonds in it for me (my absolute favorite!) and I love foraging and chewing through all the different textures to get to my treats! This is defiantly a must-have this holiday season!

  2. Let's just say, this next toy is SOOOOOOOO much fun! When Roy puts the Double Block Buster in my cage, I immediately start to shred the rope to uncover pieces of wood. Then it's time to chomp away! I also love all the colors this toy has. "Live a colorful life" is what I say!

  3. And speaking of colors, you have to check out this next favorite of mine! The Paper Party. This is an oldie but a goodie. I never get tired of it. I love to shred each paper stick apart. It's especially great for making confetti to toss out of your cage on New Year's Eve! 3-2-1 Happy New Year! (Your humans will love your festive spirit.)

  4. While toys are great, we also know the holidays mean time for treats! My absolutely favorite treats in the whole wide world are Almonds. Have you tried these things?! They are amazing! And your human can buy them in one, five or 25 pound bags so you never run out! Perfect!

  5. And speaking of yummy! I can never get enough of Premier Healthy Harvest. It has bananas, papaya, pineapple, raisins, cashew, soybeans, walnuts, apples, coconut, green peas, pistachios, filberts, pepitas and pine nuts and of course ALMONDS! Sooooo good. I'm flapping my wings just thinking about it!

Well, feathered friends, it's been fun. If you get any of these gifts, show them off (come on, let's be real, what bird doesn't like to show off?) Take a picture of yourself with the toys and tag Great Companions on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Remember to remind your parronts that even though they may want to unwind during the holidays, us birds need to stick to our routines. Healthy, bird-safe foods and treats, adequate exercise, and plenty of sleep are very important for us. Check out Holiday Safety Tips for Birds and Preparing Your Bird for Parties for more info on how to keep us happy and healthy through the holiday season. Wishing you a super feathered-filled holiday season, from our flock to yours!

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