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  • Ideal for parrot's that love to chew
  • Features pine eggs, birch chucks and leather
  • Easily hangs from cage
  • Promotes mental and physical health
  • For medium, large and extra-large birds
  • $56.29
  • - +
It's the perfect storm of fun! Tornado is a bird toy that is full of pine eggs, rectangles and rounds, birch chunks and leather all hung on nickel plated chain. And it's heavy! The full size Tornado weighs in at 7.5 pounds. This large parrot toy is perfect for the bigger beaks, but soft enough for our medium size feathered friends as well.
Cautions: Always monitor birds as they play with any toy.

Color: Colors may vary.

Weight: Full size 7.5 lb.

Materials: Birch, pine, leather and nickel plated chain.
Hang from cage with attached nickel chain.
Ideal for medium to large and extra-large birds.
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