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Being Prepared for a Disaster

Are you and your bird prepared for a disaster? Emergency situations can take various forms, including tornados, hurricanes, fires, flooding, and other severe weather events. Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any time so being prepared and having a plan is key for your bird's safety.

Having a Plan

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for an emergency is to have a plan. One essential question to ask yourself as you plan: Where will you go if you must evacuate your home? Most human shelters won't take in pets, so you will probably need to find a family member, friend, or hotel that will take in both you and your bird.

You should also have an emergency exit plan. Practice evacuating your home or escaping from within your home in case of a potential fire or flood. Hold an earthquake drill and include your bird in the training. Having a plan and practicing for an emergency will help you to be prepared in an actual emergency. Instead of panicking and scrambling, you will know exactly what to do.

Bird Disaster Kit

Having a bird disaster kit ready is crucial in being prepared for a disaster. Your bird disaster kit should contain anything your bird might need while away from home. Here are some ideas of what to include in your kit:
  • Bottled water
  • Food (remember to rotate food so it doesn't expire)
  • Dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  • A spray bottle for misting
  • A bowl/dish for water and food
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • A towel (for restraint)
  • Portable carrier or travel cage
  • Any needed medication
  • Toys
  • Grooming supplies
  • Medical records
  • First aid kit

Rescue Situation

If you are at work or out running an errand, it is important to alert emergency crews to rescue your pet birds in the event of a disaster. Placing a sign that says "Please Rescue My Birds!" on your door or outside windows will alert emergency personnel to your birds inside. List your type of bird and the number of birds in your home so that emergency personnel know how many birds they may need to rescue.

If Something Would Happen to You

Although people don't like thinking about it, they should be prepared in case they become ill or are in an accident. Carry a card in your wallet, informing people of your pets. The card should include a contact person's phone number; ideally this is someone who knows your bird and how to care for him. It's also a good idea to include your bird in your will, as birds can live for many years.

Birds are sensitive creatures, and they don't appreciate sudden change or stress. It is crucial to be thoroughly prepared if a disaster or emergency situation would ever arise. If you have planned ahead, you will be calmer in an emergency, which will reassure and comfort your bird.

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