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How to Prepare Your Bird Sitter

Although you may never plan to leave your bird, having a bird sitter available and trained is always a good idea. You may go on a vacation and not be able to take your bird along, or an emergency may suddenly occur. Sometimes it is best to leave your bird in a familiar environment, and hiring a bird sitter is the best option. Here are some tips for preparing a bird sitter!

Give your sitter all the necessary information that he might need. Provide your contact information and also the contact information of friends or family who would be able to answer questions while you are gone. Lastly, provide contact information for your avian veterinarian.

Let your sitter know what is expected of them. Things about your bird may be obvious to you, but may not be obvious to someone else. Give clear instructions of what you feed your bird on a daily basis and how much. Instruct your sitter to change your bird's water daily, and let them know if you give your bird tap water or bottled water. Let your sitter know if you mist or shower your bird regularly. Lastly, inform your sitter on how to clean up after your bird. Show them where your cleaning supplies are, including bird-safe cleaners, your vacuum, paper towels and extra newspaper or paper.

Your sitter might not be comfortable with handling your bird and taking him out of his cage. Set up a plan for feeding and interacting with your bird. Interacting with and entertaining your bird can occur while he is inside his cage. Maybe he has a favorite game that he can play in his cage, or the sitter could play his favorite music or simply talk to him.

Make sure the bird sitter comes over to your house before you leave. This will give you the opportunity to show them your cleaning routine, cleaning supplies, extra food and anything else they might need to know.

As for finding a bird sitter, ask your vet, a bird-owning friend, or a bird club for suggestions. If you trust a family member or a friend, they could take care of him, as well. Being prepared and ensuring your sitter is informed are crucial in making sure your bird is well cared for while you are away!

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