Halloween Bird Safety Tips

Boo! Halloween can be a scary time of year, especially for your bird. While you are busily making preparations for trick or treating or a costume party, you might forget to think about your bird. Any holiday can be stressful on a bird, but here are a few Halloween safety tips to ensure a safe and stress-free day.

  1. If you plan on handing out candy to little princesses and goblins, make sure your bird is nowhere near the door. When you are constantly opening the door and handing out candy, there is a heightened chance of your bird flying away, especially if he is frightened from all the commotion and costumes. Move your bird to a quiet room and play some quiet music to drown out the noise.

  2. If you plan on hosting a costume party, it would probably be best to move your bird to a quiet room. Strangers dressed up in costumes can be stressful and terrifying for your bird. This will also prevent the possibility of people trying to take him out of his cage or feeding him a treat or drink.

  3. Keep candy and candy wrappers away from your bird as they can be toxic. After the party, closely inspect your home for harmful items before letting your bird have free reign.

  4. Keep your bird away from jack-o-lanterns. He might be tempted to climb inside, and this could end in your bird become burned by the lighting inside or getting stuck in the holes.

  5. Artificial spider webs can pose danger to birds, as well. Birds can easily become entangled in the webbing, or they could try to eat it, which could cause severe intestinal issues.

Add a little fun for your bird. Keep the pumpkin seeds from your pumpkin, and feed them to your bird as a treat! They can be given fresh from the pumpkin or you can cook them. Keeping your bird safe on Halloween is possible if you take precautionary steps. Plan ahead and have a happy Halloween!

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