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Wooden Apple

  • Multiple bells make a fun jingling sound
  • Fun apple shape and whiffle balls attract your birds attention
  • Prevents boredom
  • For medium to large birds
  • Bright and colorful wood shapes
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Each #40773-14 In Stock 1.55 lbs.
Your bird is the apple of your eye so why not show it! The Wooden Apple is a bird favorite, combing fun plastic whiffle balls, colorful wooden blocks and multiple bells that create a jingling jangling good time! The adorable fruit themed toy is perfect for medium to large birds.
Cautions: Replace toy if it becomes worn. Supervise bird while toy is in use. Use the proper size toy for your bird.

Size: 21"h x 7"l

Materials: Wood, plastic, cloth, metal bells, chain and link
Hang toy from cage with included metal link.
For medium to large birds such as Caiques, small cockatoos, small conures, lories, lorikeets, large parakeets, Pionus parrots, Senegals, Meyers, African greys, Amazons, large cockatoos, large conures, eclectus, hawk headed parrots, mini-macaws
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