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Tremendous Chew

  • Keeps your bird busy
  • Provides great place to hide, play and perch
  • Encourages exercise
  • For large to extra-large birds
  • Bright and colorful wood shapes
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Each #40781-14 In Stock 2.95 lbs.
The Tremendous Chew combines various colorful, wood blocks with sisal rope to create a place for your bird to chew, play, perch and maybe even hide! Your feathered friend will have a blast tinkering around and will get great exercise as they climb, explore and tinker. For large to extra-large birds.
Cautions: Replace toy if it becomes worn. Supervise bird while toy is in use. Use the proper size toy for your bird.

Size: 24"L x 9"W

Materials: Sisal rope, wood, metal chain and link
Hang toy from cage with included metal link.
For large to extra-large birds such as African greys, Amazons, large conures, eclectus, hawk headed parrots, mini-macaws, large cockaoos, macaws.
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