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Super Shredder Ball

  • Super Shredder Ball Bird Toy will make your bird sing with delight
  • Made with jute net on the outside
  • Stuffed with colorful shredded paper, wooden beads, spools, and more
  • Various colors and textures
  • Encourages foraging for your bird's wild side
  • $14.99
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  • $25.99
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The Super Shredder Ball Bird Toy is a ball full of fun! Once your bird has chewed through the jute net outside, he will sing with delight when he sees what is inside - colorful shredded paper and wooden beads, spools, blocks, and buttons all dyed with food color. The various colors and textures will appeal to your bird's feet, beak, and eye. Encourages foraging to satisfy your wild bird's natural instinct, and provides hours of excitement!
Toy measures:
Sm: approx. 4.5"L x 3"W x 3"D
Med: approx. 6.5"L x 5"W x 5"D
Chain measures:
Sm: 5"
Med: 5"
Total measurements with chain and link:
Sm: approx. 9.5"L x 3"W x 3"D
Med: approx. 11.5"L x 5"W x 5"D
Made of: colorful shredded paper, wooden beads, spools, blocks, buttons
Includes: chain and link for hanging
Hang from top of cage.
Small: Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Small Parakeets, Parrotlets, and other small birds
Medium: Caiques, Small Cockatoos, Small Conures, Lories & Lorikeets, Large Parakeets, Meyers, Pionus Parrots, Quakers, Ringnecks, Senegals, and other medium birds
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