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Spray Millet

  • Low fat, high protein bird snack
  • Natural nutrition
  • Appealing texture
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5 lbs #20357-610 In Stock 5.80 lbs.
Treat your bird to the appealing texture and delicate taste of natural Spray Millet Bird Treat. Spray Millet can be used as a daily treat for all seed-eating birds as it provides comforting entertainment and satisfies their need to forage. Hang the stems and watch your bird enjoy. It's a perfect comfort treat to use with baby birds, feather pickers and birds that suffer from loneliness too. Spray Millet is a low fat, high protein bird snack.
Hang stems in cages and watch your bird enjoy.
Use as a daily treat to supplement their normal daily diet or as a behavior modification or training treat.

Keep in a cool dry location.
All birds
Spray Millet
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