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Common Household Dangers for Birds

Although you might not know it, there are numerous common household dangers that are harmful for your pet bird. Being aware of these dangers can help keep birds safe. Although this is not a complete list, here are some common household dangers:

  • Any standing water is very dangerous with a bird in the house. When you take your bird out of his cage, make sure that any fish tanks are covered, toilet lids are down, other pets' water bowls are put away, and water isn't sitting in the sink. Your bird might be tempted to take a bath in any standing water, and he could easily drown.

  • Ceiling fans can also be very dangerous. Make sure that all ceiling fans are turned off when your bird is out of his cage. Even if his wings have been trimmed, you can't ever be too careful.

  • Heated nonstick pots and pans can release toxic vapors, so make sure that your bird isn't in the room while using these. Other appliances that have nonstick surfaces include space heaters and popcorn makers.

  • Most of us have heard of birds flying into windows because they don't understand how glass works. The same goes for your pet bird concerning glass and mirrors. Your bird might accidentally fly into clean glass or mirrors, so make sure to cover them up!

  • Once your bird flies away, there is a good chance you will never find him. Avoid this catastrophe by closing all windows and doors!

  • New carpet releases vapors that can be toxic to birds, so relocate them temporarily.

  • Fragrance candles, aerosol sprays, and potpourri will all irritate your bird's respiratory system.

  • Electrical cords and other wires might look like a good chew toy for your bird, but these can cause burning and electrocution.

  • Many household cleaners contain chemicals that can be harmful to your bird. Bleach and any products containing ammonia should never be used around birds. There are many bird-safe cleaning products for you to choose from. Pet Focus Aviary & Cage Cleaner is a great choice that is safe to use around birds.

  • There are numerous heavy metals that are poisonous to birds, including zinc, lead, and arsenic. Arsenic is found in weed killers and insecticides; lead is found in some paints, golf balls, newsprint, and stained glass; zinc is found in nails, staples, and zippers.

Always be on the lookout for potential hazards and take the necessary steps to keep your bird safe.

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