New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Bird

It's that time again! Time to say goodbye to another year and greet a fresh New Year. New Year's is the time when many people make resolutions about the year to come. These resolutions are often pledges to live a better life, eat healthier, make better choices, lose weight or finish that to-do list that has been sitting around. Why not make some commitments to your bird this New Year? Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Make the choice to eat healthier and ensure proper nutrition for your bird. Proper nutrition is a staple for overall health. There is no better time to introduce healthier foods into your lives. Remember that balance and variety are key. Provide him with fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, and even treats! Make the pledge to give him something new and nutritious, like millet or cuttlebone.

  2. Ensure your bird is receiving enough activity and exercise. Exercise is crucial for avoiding obesity and releasing pent-up energy. Establish a regular exercise program for you and your bird!

  3. Make the effort to introduce your bird to new people, especially if your bird doesn't like certain genders or anyone besides yourself. Remember that there is a chance your bird will live longer than you, and if he only listens or likes you, it will be difficult for him to find a new owner.

  4. Make sure your bird has a variety of toys to keep him entertained. Birds can easily become bored and resort to bad behavior; rotating toys on a regular basis will help to alleviate boredom.

  5. Inspect your bird's cage. Is it become run-down, or is it no longer appropriate for his size? If yes, then start saving up to provide him with the best and most spacious home possible. Make an effort to keep up with the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning of your bird's cage. Also inspect perches for wear and tear; replace any that are becoming worn or pose danger to your bird.

  6. Commit to spending more time with your bird. Birds are very social animals, so take time to train him, talk to him and play games with him. Spending more time with him will also help you understand his needs and behaviors. Making more time for your bird doesn't always have to involve training or playing. He will probably enjoy just being by you while you read a magazine or watch television.

  7. If you don't have an avian veterinarian, take the time to research and pick one out before an emergency occurs. Take your bird to the vet for regular check-ups. This will allow your vet to become accustomed to your bird and his regular habits, which will help if your bird starts behaving differently. Lastly, your vet might be able to catch a medical problem before it becomes serious.

  8. Make sure that you are consistently grooming your bird. Pay special attention to his wings and nails, making sure they aren't too long that he can fly away or get toenails stuck in a rope perch or toy. Regularly give your bird a shower to keep his skin and feathers healthy.

The more changes you make, the happy and healthier your bird will be. We hope that we inspired you to take the steps necessary to improve your life and the life of your feathered friend! Have a safe and happy New Year!

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