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Finding the Right Place for your Bird's Cage

Where is the best place to keep a bird cage? Location is so important! Creating a suitable environment is essential for your bird's physical and mental health. Your bird is a long ways from his natural home, so taking the necessary steps to make him feel comfortable is important.

Where to Put the Bird Cage

Finding the right location for your bird's cage may depend on his temperament. For instance, if your bird is normally shy, he might be better off in a quiet place in the house. However, if your bird is normally very social, he might be better off in a well-trafficked area of the house. Most birds prefer to be in an area where they can be included in social interaction.

Although your bird might want to be in highly-trafficked area during the day, make sure he has a quiet place to sleep at night. Birds need 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night, and noises such as the TV late at night could keep him awake and on alert even if his cage is covered. Without necessary sleep, birds can become very irritable, have low energy, and acquire behavioral problems.

It is recommended that your bird is placed near a window for some natural sunlight. However, don't put him in direct sunlight or in a drafty area because your bird can become overheated or chilled very quickly. It is also suggested that your bird not be in the kitchen or near a TV. Non-stick pots and pans can get overheated in your kitchen and emit poisonous fumes that could be deadly to your bird, while sudden loud noises from the TV can startle him.

Being mindful of your bird's location and environment is just one way to help keep your bird physically and mentally healthy. An unsuitable location could lead to bird boredom or lack of sleep, which can lead to behavioral problems. Be aware of your bird's needs and temperament so that you can place him in the best location possible!

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