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Woven Square Foot Toy

  • Woven Square Foot Bird Toy is sure to keep your bird's feet busy
  • Made of palm leaf and coco coir
  • Foot toys improve balance and coordination
  • Fun and stimulating toy that encourages exercise
  • Varied colors and textures
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3pk, approx 1 1/4" square #40512-12 In Stock 0.05 lbs.
The Woven Square Foot Bird Toy is the perfect toy to keep your bird's feet busy. Foot toys not only improve a bird's balance and coordination, but they are also fun and stimulating. Your bird will be having fun, but he will be exercising at the same time. This toy consists of tightly woven palm leaf that is stuffed with coco coir. The varied colors and textures are sure to attract your bird's eye; he won't be able to take his feet off it!
Toy measures: Approx. 1¼" square
Chain measures: no chain
Total measurements with chain: Approx. 1¼" square

Made of: palm leaf, coco coir
Includes: 3 pk, no chain
Place in cage or in birds play area.
Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Small Parakeets, Parrotlets, and other small birds
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