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Toxic Fumes and Birds

Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems, so fumes are much more deadly to your bird than to you or your other pets. A bird's respiratory tract is very efficient in exchanging gasses in order have the oxygen necessary to fly. However, this also means that birds are very efficient in delivering toxic gasses throughout their small bodies. For this reason, birds are very susceptible to airborne toxins. There are many common household dangers that you may not know are harmful for your bird:

  • Any smoke is hazardous to your bird. Secondhand smoke and tobacco can be very deadly if your bird inhales it.

  • Many cleaning supplies, including bleach and ammonia, are also dangerous around your bird. Be cautious about using any cleaners and disinfectants around your bird, instead, look for pet-safe products. Pet Focus Aviary & Cage Cleaner is a great choice that is safe to use around birds.

  • It's important to use extreme caution whenever cooking. Nonstick cookware is very harmful for your bird because of the fumes it emits. Even a self-cleaning oven can be harmful for your bird.

  • Insecticides and pesticides are also dangerous, so avoid spraying for bugs in your bird's room.

  • Carbon monoxide is emitted from fires, central heating units, and automobile exhaust; the gas can be deadly to birds. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector if you don't already have one.

  • Perfumes, nail polish remover, hairspray, spray deodorant, scented candles, and air fresheners can all be dangerous to use around birds.

  • Other hazardous household items include strong glues, permanent markers, space heaters, and paint.

  • If your bird shows any unusual symptoms, such as open-mouth breathing, weakness, lethargy, tail bobbing, or disoriented behavior, get him into fresh air immediately and take him to your avian veterinarian.

Ensure Clean Air

A great way to ensure that your bird is receiving pure air is to keep an air purifier in his room. The Airfree Air Purifier, a bird-safe purifier that sterilizes the air, destroys 99.99 percent of airborne microorganisms without emitting harmful toxins.

It is important that you take the necessary steps in order to keep the air clean for the health of your bird. Just because a certain smell doesn't bother you or your other pets, doesn't mean that the smell doesn't irritate or harm your bird.

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