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Thermo Perch

  • Heated bird perch protects birds from air conditioning and cold drafts
  • Provides a consistent source of warmth
  • Reduces bird stress
  • Easily attaches to wire cages
  • Reduces foot cramping and pressure sores
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Medium #10130-13 In Stock 1.05 lbs.
From summer air conditioning to cold winter drafts, give your fid a place to keep warm no matter what the season. The Thermo-Perch is a heated bird perch that helps reduce bird stress by stabilizing the temperature inside their cage. Cool temperatures can pose a health risk for many birds, so providing a constant source of warmth is important. The temperature of this heated perch varies from one end to the other, allowing your feathered friend to choose an area that feels most comfortable to them.

The Thermo-Perch easily attaches to wire cages, is thermostatically controlled, and is designed to run 24/7. The irregular shape of the perch provides orthopedic benefits by helping to reduce foot cramping and pressure sores. The perch is made of a sturdy scratch and bite resistant non-toxic plastic.
Cautions: Do not immerse in water. For household use only. Do not let the cord hang near or into the cage.

Warning: This is an electrical product. Failure to properly follow all directions and instructions may lead to electrical shock or fire.

Cord Length: 6.5 ft (3.25 ft. steel-wrapped)

Weight: Med- 2.3 lb

Size: Med- 13" L x 1.25" W x 1.25" H

Wattage: Med- 6 watts

Material: Non-toxic plastic
Medium- Amazons, African Greys
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