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T3 Cage Liner

  • Antimicrobial cage liner
  • Improves cage hygiene
  • Safe for consumer and pets; uses no chemicals or bleaches
  • All-natural mineral coating
  • Made in USA
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21.5"x100' #12821-950 In Stock 3.20 lbs.
Prevue Hendryx™ T3™ Cage Liner gives your bird's cage an extra level of cleanliness. The all-natural antimicrobial layer improves cage hygiene and provides for a more sanitary clean-up. It's economical to use as you choose to use only as much as you need. It contains no chemicals or bleaches and the all-natural mineral coating is safe for you and your pets. Measures: 21.5"W x 100'L. Made in USA.
21.5"W x 100'L
Provides an additional level of cleanliness making clean up easier. Your bird's cage and tray will still need to be washed in conjunction with standard hygienic practices.
Ideal for all birds
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