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Providing Your Bird with Intellectual Stimulation

How can I mentally stimulate by bird? Did you know that research shows that birds think, remember, and possibly even show emotion? Birds are extremely intelligent animals, so keeping your bird intellectually stimulated is a must. It is important that you regularly engage your bird and ensure he is receiving the intellectual stimulation he needs. This can be achieved through training and playing.

Most people know that parrots can mimic speech. However, most people probably don't know that research has discovered some birds can correctly identify different objects and recognize different colors and shapes. Similar to a toddler, some birds even string words together to create short phrases.

Memory and Emotion

Birds have an exceptional memory, which is why they are able to remember the words that they are taught. In the wild, foraging requires birds to remember where they put food. Some birds in the wild bury their nuts across hundreds of miles, and they often retrieve a majority of these nuts.

Bird owners are sure that their birds can be stressed, intimidated, or content; although it hasn't been proven that birds are aware of their emotions, birds do have the portion of the brain that drives emotions (limbic system).

What are Enriching Activities for Birds

Different toys and activities will ensure that your bird is receiving the intellectual stimulation that he needs. Short, daily training sessions with your bird are great for keeping his mind sharp and entertained. Birds continue to use their intelligence in new ways. Watch your bird interact with his toys and see how he cleverly solves problems to manipulate his toys. Birds are capable of figuring out how to complete a puzzle or turn a wheel to retrieve treats. The foraging wheel requires birds to spin the wheel to retrieve the treats inside. Meanwhile, when pet birds play with the 4-way forager bird toy, they can see their treats, but they can't touch them until they figure out how to get them out. A variety of stimulating toys are great for keeping your bird's mind busy.

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