Poop-off Bird Poop Remover

  • Poop-off instantly dissolves bird droppings
  • Safe to use on washable and painted surfaces
  • 100% bird-safe ingredients; non-toxic & biodegradable
  • Can even use on clothing, upholstery and carpets
  • Made in USA
  • $9.49
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The Poop-off Bird Poop Remover is one of our hands-down favorites and it's sure to be yours, too! There's no match for its ability to clean bird droppings, splattered and regurgitated food, hand feeding formula, bug residue and blood off everything from cages to carpet, perches to pottery. Uses no solvents, no orange oil only 100% bird-safe active enzymes, filtered water and surfactant. You can even use with birds inside cages and on play perches. Also available in convenient Wipes. Biodegradable. Made in USA.
Brush-top bottle: Unscrew brush from bottle. Remove red plastic leak protector. Screw brush onto bottle. Tip bottle and gently squeeze liquid onto bird droppings. With scrubbing motion the bird poop and stains will vanish. Repeat if necessary.

Squeeze bottle: Spray on soiled surfaces. Use a cage scrub pad, cloth or sponge to wipe up mess.

Wipes: Lift flap on lid. Remove lid by lifting upward. Insert corner of center sheet through flap opening on lid. Do not push finger through opening. Replace lid and pull sheet out at an angle. The next sheet pops up automatically. Reseal by closing lid flap to retain moisture. Do not flush wipes down toilet.
All birds
Filtered Water, Active Enzymes, Surfactant, and Avian Safe Fragrance
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