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Bird Claw Clipper

  • Angled design
  • Bird friendly and easy to use
  • Helps prevent nail splitting
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High quality forged steel
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Each #14609-795 In Stock 0.05 lbs.
It's the easiest pedicure you will ever give your bird! The Bird Claw Clipper is a bird nail clipper that has a special angled design to help prevent nail splitting. The ergonomic handle helps make nail care comfortable, safe and easy. Made of high quality forged steel. Ideal for medium to large birds and cats.
Size: About 3.5 inches long
If the nail is extremely long, trim a small portion and repeat in 1 week. Avoid cutting off too much at any one time. If too much is cut at once the nail will bleed.
For birds and cats.
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