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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Bird

Getting a pet bird is a big responsibility and commitment, and it can be confusing to distinguish between all of the different species of birds. Before making a decision, you should take time to research different species of birds and get as much information available. Here are several factors one should consider before adding a companion bird to the family.


Assess your lifestyle. How much room do you have for the bird? Generally, the bigger the bird, the more space they will need. Consider where you live. If you live in an apartment, buying a loud and vocal bird might not be the best idea.


How much money do you intend to spend? This does not only refer to the initial cost of the bird. Birds need toys, perches, cages, and food. This can all add up quickly. Bigger birds tend to need more food, more toys, and bigger cages. In addition, different bird species can be predisposed to certain medical conditions, so be aware of this also.


Birds can live for a long time, so the time investment can be substantial. How much time do you have to spend with your bird? Different species of birds require different levels of attention, and some birds tend to be messier than others. This will increase the amount of time you spend interacting with your bird and cleaning up after him.


It's also important to consider your family members. If you have small children, you will want a bird that is willing to deal with children. If you have teens or adults, make sure that they are willing to put up with the noise, mess, and responsibility that comes along with owning a bird.


You should always think through your expectations concerning a pet bird before you buy one. Do you want the bird to talk? Do you want a bird you can train? Do you want a bird you can play and cuddle with, or would you prefer to watch two smaller birds interact with each other? It is helpful to make a list of attributes that are important to you, compare different species, and then choose the one that fits your expectations the best.

One last tip is to purchase a bird from an established breeder, who can be an important and trusted resource for information and questions. Researching and thinking through your expectations are crucial for picking out the right bird for you and your family. Making an informed decision will help ensure that your bird is compatible with your lifestyle and family.

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