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Love Your Bird: Maggie the Macaw

27 years ago I bought an egg for a Harlequin Macaw and I've been raising Maggie since the day she hatched. I'm her mom.

She's very much a part of our family and interacts with each of us in our own special way. When my son was younger, he would go in the bathroom to take a shower and she would often stand at the bathroom door knocking and wanting to come in. She loves bath time and enjoys being outside in the rain.

We have a springer spaniel named Fraiser, whom she loves. In fact, she now calls every dog Fraiser. She will often take an apple from her cage and carrying it down to the floor to share it with Fraiser.

She enjoys watching sitcoms with me and she cracks up at the funny parts. She loves to go camping and the whole campground will come to see her at our campsite. And just like you do with your loved ones, every night before bed we exchange bedtime kisses. She always whispers "night, night!"

- Jennifer P. in South Carolina

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