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Let's Explore Treat Options for Your Pet Bird

What can I give a bird as a treat? Treats play a big role in your bird's life. They provide comfort, gratification, and distraction, plus they are just yummy! But how can you treat your bird while still making him work for it? Let's explore the options.

What is a Parrots Favorite Treat?

First, you need to find small, healthy treats that can fit into your bird's toy of choice or can easily be hidden from your bird. Lafeber's Nutri-Berries are the perfect size in this instance. They are small enough to be easily tucked away and hidden, plus they are full of natural textures, colors and crunch. Another great option is adding their favorite dried veggies and dried fruits. They not only taste good, they are fun to find.

Hiding Bird Treats in a Toy

What do you put in bird foraging toys? Treats of course! Instead of simply handing your bird a treat, try hiding treats in a toy and make your bird work for his food. Encouraging your bird to forage for his treats will help him stay mentally and physically active, plus it will keep him distracted. Choose a toy that requires him to go through a series of steps to get at the treat, providing him with a puzzle, toy, and treat in one! He is sure to delight in his accomplishment when he finally gets his treat.

The Foraging Basket is a fun foraging toy that makes for a perfect place to hide his favorite treats. The Foraging Wheel requires your bird to turn a knob and expose the food items within each compartment. The spinning movement and colorful treat within the wheel is perfect for active birds.

Giving Treats that Require Foraging

Toys aren't always necessary to encourage foraging. Treats in themselves can sometimes require foraging. In-shell nuts, like peanuts, almonds and walnuts, provide both a healthy treat and foraging opportunity. They serve as a healthy treat by providing energy through high fat content, and as an added bonus contain essential fatty acids. How fun to watch your feathered friend get excited as he works to crack open the shell before getting at the treat inside. The ultimate natural foraging experience!

Hiding Treats Around the Bird Cage

Another option is to hide your bird's treats around his cage. Try hiding treats within his food, and see his look of surprise and glee when he finds it! You can also hide treats in various places around his cage, keeping him occupied and mentally stimulated for hours. Have you ever tried hiding treats under a paper towel? The paper will spark your bird's interest and encourage him to move or tear at the paper towel to find what is underneath. What a new adventure!

Explore More Options

There are many different ways that you can incorporate foraging into giving treats. Best of all, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money! Be creative and mix things up for your bird by encouraging foraging and rewarding him with yummy treats.

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