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Home-Cooked Meals for Your Pet Bird

After a hard day's work, there's nothing like sitting down at the dinner table to a hearty meal. Your bird enjoys a home-cooked meal just as much as you do, especially after a hard day battling with toys, chewing up stuff, and all the other tough tasks involved in being a bird!

Indulge your pet with a variety of tempting cooked mixes. Formulated with fresh grains, seeds, dried beans, nuts, pasta, dried fruits and veggies, these mixes are a delicious alternative to the standard dry bird diets. Each mouth-watering variety includes plenty of spices that are guaranteed to wake up your bird's taste buds. Simply add water, bring to a boil, and simmer until the water is absorbed. Leftover cooked food should be taken away so it doesn't spoil.

Make it easy by cooking up a large batch and freezing them in single serving portions in freezer bags or ice cube trays. Whenever your bird craves a little dinner variety, just pop a serving into the microwave and heat until warm.

A healthy diet is a varied diet. We offer you plenty of mealtime solutions to keep your life easy and your bird's life happy. Your bird will love Birdy Banquet, Bean Cuisine, or Crazy for Corn Tropical Rice Pudding! Try some tonight!

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