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Product Testimonials

I absolutely love the Great Companions Fruit & Nut Blast for large parrots. It is wonderful!

Nancy K., CO

You guys have been our only supplier of all things bird related since day one. Your seed mixes are absolutely the best around. Thank you for being such a wonderful company. 

Lisa M., AL

Wow! Just got my order of 5 lb millet. Could not believe the difference from the store bought packages. I was a new customer and will be a repeat customer from now on. Thank you so much. Glad I found you!

Carmella L., CO

When my family lived in California, we discovered your portable tripod perches. These are perfect for setting up our cockatoos and macaws ANYWHERE. These stands have helped us to socialize our parrots, giving our birds a safe place to hang out while they are with us around our home and when we take them out for socialization. We have used these at parties and in hotel rooms and at soccer games. From California to Colorado, and now in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, we love the service from Great Companions! THANK YOU!

Tamara N., VI

Thank you for adding Harrison's Bird Food to your catalog! My Amazon parrot had liver problems following two accidental inhaled poisonings (at 5 and 10 years of age). Since my vet put him on Harrison's Bird Food, he's thrived and his blood tests show no signs of liver damage. He's now 23 years old.

Lisa G., WA

I won't feed anything but your own Great Companions seed mixes. Your seed mixes and in shell almonds are always so fresh and high in quality!

Janet S., Vermont

I have ordered for years from Great Companions. Their service has always been outstanding, from the time I place my order to the fast delivery. Great Companions products are top quality and they always carry my bird's favorite toys.

Cecilia S., CO

I wanted everyone to know that if you are debating about ordering from this company, I would highly suggest that you do it! I was VERY happy with my order 100%. The quality of the seed and millet is awesome! So don't hesitate about ordering from Great Companions. You won't regret it!

Paula F., KS

I just wanted to drop a thank you for the complimentary bag of seed I received for completing your short survey. I am very impressed with the quality of seed and my Amazon loves it! It far outweighs any of the usual seeds I purchase for her that are in our pet supplies specialties store, including the Kaytee brand.

Terri B., Kentucky

I had never ordered from you before but your prices were so awesome that I just had to try your items. I thought that because the items were priced low that they would be low quality, but the products that were delivered were AMAZING! No broken pellets, no shabby looking shells, and all of the nuts were in perfect condition...better than I would even find at the grocery store! I am so impressed that I will never shop anywhere ever again!

Saranda R., Utah

I have 40 birds and I like the Premier Parrot because it offers more variety in the mix for the price. They all like something different, and this mix contains something for everyone, so there's not much waste.

Jayne H., NJ

Customer Service Testimonials

I have always had excellent customer service from Great Companions. Everyone is so happy and helpful when I place my orders. The orders ship when they tell you it will ship out and arrives so quickly. When I have a question or an issue, I can depend on Great Companions to take care of the matter right away.

Diana M., FL

I can't express enough how great this company is. It may be one of the last companies that is actually a pleasure to order from. The product, quality and staff are all fabulous!!!! Never a problem. If only they could teach 95% of other businesses on how to deal with patrons.

Therese G., NY

Shipping Testimonials

Thank you for your excellent service through the years – and all the "surprises" you enclose. I have enjoyed the tablets, calendars……and yesterday – the Valentine candy! And the birds have always enjoyed their treats as well. It's "great" doing business with your company – whether by phone or online. A very grateful customer, Marjorie.

Marjorie B.N., TX
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