Vine Star Chew

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  • Encourages foot exercise
  • Improves leg strength, dexterity and coordination
  • For birds of all sizes
  • Promotes mental well-being
  • Fun star design
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4 +
4 x 4" #40740-795 Discontinued 0.05 lbs.
Is your bird a star...or do they think they are? The Vine Star Chew is a perfect foot toy for any bird that thinks they should be walking the red carpet. Colorful vines are transformed into fun star shapes and surrounded by corn husk, colorful wood beads and hemp. Your bird...or should we say star, will have a blast playing with this toy that is out of this world!
Cautions: Watch bird while playing with this or any toy. If toy becomes damaged remove from cage to prevent injury.

Materials: Vine, corn husk, wood beads, hemp

Size: 4" L x 4"W
For all bird types.
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