• Unique spinning action keeps your bird entertained
  • Different textures, colors and shapes provide added stimulation
  • Your bird will have fun chowing on the vine balls
  • For medium to large birds
  • Keeps your fid physically and mentally stimulated
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12" x 8" #40827-829 In Stock 0.40 lbs.
Stormy is a swirling, spinning storm of fun! Your bird will love to twirl around this toy while playing with the vine balls, colorful wood pieces, sisal rope, and acrylic attachments. The toy is held together with metal wires that allow for your feathered friend to spin the toy around for added fun! Includes a metal pear link for easy and durable hanging. Designed for medium to large birds.
Toy Measures: 12" x 8"
Does include a 1.25" pear link for hanging. No chain.
Made of: Hard and soft wood pieces, vine, natural sisal rope, acrylic and wire
Hang from the top of the cage with the pear link that is included.
It's recommended to observe your bird a few minutes with a new toy.
Medium to Large Birds: Caiques, small Cockatoos, small Conures, Lories, Lorikeets, large Parakeets, Pionus Parrots, Senegals, Meyers, African Greys, Amazons, large Cockatoos, large Conures, Eclectus, Hawk Headed Parrots, Mini-Macaws.
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