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Star Power

  • Make your fid a superstar
  • Moveable parts
  • Lots of fun textures
  • Ideal for small birds
  • Keeps birds busy
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Each #40796-12 In Stock 0.05 lbs.
Your fid will feel like a superstar with the Star Power bird toy! This small bird toy features three stars made of colorful vines. The two smaller middle stars even move! Plastic bling hangs from the points on the large star so your feathered friend will have lots to play with. Ideal for small birds.
Materials: Vine, plastic, wood, rope

Size: Approximately 5" x 5"
Hang from cage with included metal pear link.
For small birds such as finches, parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, parrotlets, lorries, canaries.
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