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Parrot Cage

  • Large, landing-style door
  • Removable grille and debris tray for easy cleaning
  • Includes two wooden perches
  • Features three heavy duty plastic cups
  • Perfect everyday cage for small parrots or travel cage for larger birds
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Black #12844-150 In Stock This item is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer.
Oh, so much space for your bird to explore! With two perches and three sturdy plastic cups, he won't know where to begin the fun. The large, landing-style door folds down from the cage, creating a ramp so your bird can strut right into his new home. This big door gives you plenty of room to switch out food or toys. Its durable latch and hinges were designed to be extra sturdy - we know how sneaky babies try to let themselves out sometimes! Made with wire bars and a heavy duty plastic base, this cage includes a removable grille and debris tray to make cleaning simple.
25"L x 21"W x 29½"H
Gauge: 9
Bar spacing: ¾"

2 perches
3 heavy duty plastic cups

Available in Black
Works best as a full-time home for small to medium birds including: Pionus, small Conures, Lovebirds, Eclectus, Canaries, Finches, Parakeets, Cockatiels and other small parrots.

A great travel cage for larger species such as: African Greys, large Conures, Cockatiels and most Amazons.
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