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How to Keep Your Pet Bird Warm in an Air-Conditioned Home

It's heating up outside! While most of us can't wait to cool down in our air-conditioned homes, our birds might be getting a little too cool. During summer's hottest months, air conditioners constantly kick out more cold air in order to keep our homes cool. While this is much appreciated by you and your family, it could be uncomfortable and even pose health risks for your bird.

Air Conditioning and Temperature Changes

Birds don't react well with environmental shifts, so try not to let the temperature within their cages to shift dramatically. It's important to keep your bird's cage and perches away from air conditioners, vents and cold drafts. If cold air is continually blowing at your bird, they won't be able to properly regulate their temperature. The damaging effects of constant cold air could result in respiratory problems, pneumonia and feather plucking.

Air conditioners also tend to remove the moisture from the air, which can be harmful for your bird. Many birds come from very warm and humid climates, so dry and cold air can be harmful for them. One easy way to help your bird receive some much-needed moisture is through showering and misting.

Just as some of us can get chilly in an air-conditioned home, birds can also become stressed and cold. Providing your bird with different ways to become warm is both comforting and crucial for their health.

Keeping Your Bird Warm

There are a few different methods to help your pet bird stay warm. The Snuggle Up Bird Warmer is the perfect option to counteract the effects of air conditioning and cold drafts. It helps pet birds maintain their ideal body temperature, lowering stress and provides a consistent and safe source of warmth.

Another option is placing a heated perch in your bird's cage. We carry the Thermo Perch, which not only keeps your bird warm, but also helps to reduce stress. If your bird is feeling cold, all they need to do is step onto it for instant warmth.

You can also provide your bird with warmth through the Soft Sided Tent. These fleece-lined tents provide a safe and private place for your bird to rest and receive warmth whenever they want it.

Lastly, cooked foods can help keep them warm. If you're feeling chilled or stressed, a warm home-cooked meal probably makes you feel better, and your bird is the same! Providing them with cooked meals might be just what they need.

Preparing for Winter

Although we might not want to think about winter yet, having these warming items on hand will help prepare your bird for the cold winter months. There are numerous steps you can take to ensure your bird is comfortable during the winter months.

It's important to provide your bird with a stable environment in terms of temperature. By providing them with different ways to stay warm and preparing them for seasonal changes, you can make climate changes a lot easier for both of you.

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