Jumping Jupiter

  • Makes a fun jingling noise
  • Spins and turns
  • Includes a metal bell
  • Prevents boredom
  • Perfect for large to extra-large birds
13 x 8" #40597-1125 Discontinued 0.85 lbs.
3-2-1. Watch your birdie blastoff into a twirling trip to space! Jumping Jupiter will have your feathered astronaut exploring new galaxies and cosmos filled with wood chews, cardboard and plastic. Your bird will enjoy ringing the metal bell as they play with this planet of fun.
The ideal toy for large to extra-large sized birds.
Cautions: Watch bird while playing with this or any toy. If toy becomes damaged remove from cage to prevent injury.

Materials: Wood chews, cardboard, plastic, poly rope, metal bell.

Size: 13" L x 8"W

Includes metal pear link for hanging.
For large to extra-large birds such as African greys, Amazons, large Conures, Eclectus, hawk headed parrots, mini-macaws, large cockatoos and macaws.
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