Beak Buddies Funky Foot Toy

  • Funky Foot Toys for birds gives you three for the price of one
  • Foot toys challenge your bird's dexterity
  • Provides feet and beak exercise
  • Birds love the bright colors, various shapes and sizes of wood
  • Funky Foot Toys help to prevent boredom
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3pk #68325-439 In Stock 0.35 lbs.
Great Companions® Funky Foot Toy gives you three toys for the price of one. Give them a dexterity challenge they will love. Made with various colors, sizes and shapes of wood they can shake, rattle and chew.
Measure: approximately 6-8"L
Made of: assorted wood shapes knotted with leather strips
Includes: three (3) foot toys

Exact measurements may vary.
Simply place in cage.
For use with any size bird.
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