Fire & Quills

  • Great preening toy
  • Unique reed bristle balls
  • Helps prevent boredom
  • Bright colors and lots of textures
  • Perfect for large birds
Large-XLarge #40583-1125 Discontinued 0.50 lbs.
It's a fireworks display, bird style! Fire and Quills is a bright and fun preening bird toy. Your fid will "ooh and aah" over the long colorful streamers and be entertained by the unique reed bristle balls. Ideal for large birds.
Caution: Use the proper size toy for your bird.

Material: Vine, sisal rope, streamers, reed bristle balls, wood.

Size: Approximately 19.5"H x 7"W

Colors may vary
Hang from cage with included metal oval link.
For large to XL birds such as African Greys, Amazons, large Conures, Eclectus, Hawk Headed parrots, Mini-Macaws, large Cockatoos, Macaws.
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