Dyna-Mite Lice & Mite Repellent Spray

  • Dyna-Mite Lice & Mite Repellent Spray penetrates bird's feathers and plumage
  • All natural formula is safe for humans and pets
  • Kills mites & lice with physical action; not with chemicals
  • Diatomaceous earth is a natural organic insect killer
  • Helps with itching, feather chewing and feather loss
  • Made in USA
8oz #19401-740 Discontinued 0.65 lbs.
Dyna-Mite & Lice Repellent Spray uses totally natural diatomaceous earth to kill pesky mites and lice on your bird. Diatomaceous earth is a natural organic insect killer that scratch off the insect's waxy coating, causing it to dehydrate. No chemicals are used so it's completely safe for humans and pets. This proprietary formula uses a non-residual blend of aloe vera and omega 3 to soothe and protect your bird's feathers and skin. These natural oils relieve itching and inflammation and help prevent feather loss due to excessive chewing. Made in USA.
Shake well. Place bird in warm, comfortable area and away from food and water. Spray slowly from several inches away. Start from head to tail until entire body is wet. Do not spray in face if your bird does not like it.Do not use on ill birds.

8 oz bottle includes sprayer
All birds
Purified water, aloe vera, omega 3 in proprietary non-residual blend of diatomaceous earth organics.
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