Comfy Perch

  • Twist and bend the Comfy Perch into any shape
  • Multicolored cotton rope perch is visually stimulating
  • Soothes your bird's tender talons
  • No dangerous wires or stiffeners
  • Ideal to use with any bird and on any style cage
  • $8.49
  • Discontinued
  • $11.99
  • Discontinued
Soothe your bird's tender talons; give them a new Comfy Perch experience every day! This one-of-a-kind perch is made from multi-colored cotton rope that can be safely reshaped over and over again without using dangerous wires or stiffeners. It's visually appealing and is easy on your bird's feet. The easy-to-use screw caps allow you to attach to any style cage. The perfect gift birds of all sizes.
Medium: 21"L x 0.875" diameter perch
Large: 28"L x 1" diameter perch
Twist or bend into any desirable shape. Use the screw caps to attach to cage wire.
All birds
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