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Chew n Push Pull

  • Made with colorful wood blocks and rope
  • Helps prevent boredom and bad habits
  • Toy is dyed with bird friendly dye
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Large #40230-14 In Stock 1.65 lbs.
Made with colorful dyed blocks and sisal rope, this toy will keep your large bird entertained for days. This fun toy will help prevent boredom and bad habits in your bird. Assorted wood blocks and sisal ropes are dyed with bird friendly materials.
Materials: Assorted colored wood blocks, sisal rope, cotton rope, leather ties

Included: Pear link to hang toy in cage

Size: 18" L x 6" W x 6" H
Hang from top of cage with link provided.
Large:African Greys, Amazons, Large Cockatoos, Large Conures, Eclectus, Hawk Headed Parrots, Mini-Macaws
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