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Bungee Boing Perch

  • The Bungee Boing Perch is great for all birds
  • Strengthens beaks and feet
  • Tests balancing skills
  • Comes ready to hang
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  • $18.49
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  • $22.49
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  • $26.99
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What bird wouldn't enjoy a Bungee Boing Perch equipped with a bell at the bottom for extra excitement? Birds love to perch at all angles and this one will allow them to use their bills and feet plus test their balancing skills. They'll get plenty of exercise and that tinkle of the bell will stimulate even more activity. Simply hang in your bird's cage with the heavy duty swivel quick link that is included. The Bungee Boing Perch is ideal for birds of all sizes.
Small: 52"H x 0.5"W (fully extended size)
Medium: 66"H x 0.75"W (fully extended size)
Large: 96"H x 1"W (fully extended size)
X-Large: 97"H x 1.25"W (fully extended size)

Multi-colored bungee cord, metal bell, metal heavy duty swivel quick link for hanging
Hang in cage
Made for birds of all sizes.
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