Bodacious Bites Ferris Wheel

  • Encourages foot and beak exercise
  • Perfect for climbing and chewing
  • Made with 100% safe, non-toxic colors and materials
  • Fun, bright colors
  • Helps prevent boredom
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Medium-Large #40163-829 In Stock 0.55 lbs.
Give your bird exciting carnival fun, without having to leave his cage! The Bodacious Bites Ferris Wheel combines colorful wood shapes and cotton rope to create a toy that is perfect for climbing and chewing. An ideal foot and beak exercise toy for medium to large birds.
Cautions: Inspect the toy periodically and remove from use if it becomes worn or damaged. As with all toys, always supervise birds at play.

Size: 19" x 12"

Made of: Wood, cotton rope. Additional materials may include bells and plastic beads.

Color: Multi-color
Attach to cage with included pear link. Inspect all toys and accessories on a daily basis.
For medium to large birds: Caiques, small Cockatoos, small Conures, Lories, Lorikeets, large Parakeets, Pionus Parrots, Senegals, Meyers, African Greys, Amazons, large Cockatoos, large Conures, Eclectus, Hawk Headed Parrots, Mini-Macaws.
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