Beach Sands Perch

  • The Beach Sands Perch gives your bird comfort and gentle nail filing
  • Uneven surface provides foot and leg comfort
  • Lightweight, durable and maintains a comfortable temperature
  • Attractive glitter and dimples stimulates birds
  • Seaside inspired colors; Made in USA
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Large, 2"x12" #10168-14 In Stock 1.45 lbs.
Made with fine beach sand, the Beach Sands Perch is just right for gentle nail filing. The uneven surface and shape of this perch offers foot and leg comfort. Designed with dimples to protect your bird's foot pads plus the dimples along with the glittering perch surface attract and stimulate. Lightweight and durable, they maintain a normal temperature for comfortable perching. Easy to attach to cage. Clean with water and soft brush. Allow to air dry completely. Ideal for Cockatoos, Macaws and other similar sized birds. Made in USA.
1.75"W to 2"W x 12"L

Intended for birds only. Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children.
Unscrew the wing nut and remove one washer. Place metal screw through the cage and place the washer over the metal screw on outside of the cage. Tighten the wing nut securely.

Cleaning instructions: Clean with water and gently brush soiled areas. Do not soak. Air dry completely.
Macaws, Cockatoos and similar sized birds
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