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Beak Buddies Bag of Twiggs

  • Use Great Companions® Bag of Twiggs as bird foot toys or use when creating your own bird toys
  • Provides chewing and shredding enjoyment
  • 6" x 9" bag includes 24 wood sticks in assorted colors and lots of paper shred
  • Made to use with all birds
  • Sticks encourage healthy foot exercise
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24 ct #68340-829 In Stock 0.45 lbs.
Great Companions® Bag of Twiggs is a 6" x 9" bag chocked full of multicolored paper strips complemented with wood pieces for your bird's chewing and shredding pleasure. Sticks encourage healthy foot exercise. Mound Bag of Twiggs in the bottom of the cage or use it as a component in a custom bird toy you create. Made to use with all birds.
Measures: wood pieces measure approximately 3.5"L x 0.25"W
Includes: 6" x 9" bag packed with 24 wood pieces per bag in assorted colors plus paper shred.

Exact measurements may vary.
Place in cage or use as a component to make your own bird toys.
For use with all birds.
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